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- Jenna Jameson

After supporting Mitt Romney in 2012, Jenna Jameson is now giving her support to Trump. Via Twitter she said that she'd "be happy to be compared to @realdonaldtrump."
- Franziska Facella

In the video series called "Ask a pornstar" Franziska was asked about the president she thinks gonna win the game. According to her, Trump "just says it how it is and he gets things done!" 
- Kenna James

Always in the "Ask a Porn Star" series, Kenna James was also asked. She said: "I believe [he] is somebody that will actually take charge. I want a businessman instead of a politician in the office. I've seen where the politicians have gotten us and it's not a good place."
- Gabriella Paltrova

Gabriella Paltrova also appeared in the same video as Kenna James, she told that she is pro-Trump, listing his businessman entrepreneurship as a motivator. 

- Anna Bell Peaks

Anna Bell Peaks is also another supporter of Donald Trump. She said: "I'm a Donald Trump supporter. I am a Republican. I do believe in small government, big business and he is a very  brilliant businessman"
- Dava Foxx

Dava Foxx, agreed with Franziska in "Ask a pornstar" series. She decided to endorse Trump. She is all about the Trump Train.
- Amy Lindsay

After her controversy with the online advert promoting Ted Cruz, Lindsay, announced that she was endorsing Donald Trump for president. She said : " I like what he stands for. I think people are really attacking him and lying about him, and I kind of know how that feels".
- Eva Lovia

Eva Lovia is a staunch Trump supporter. Asked on the red carpet of the AVN Awards she said: "I hate answering this honestly because it's not a popular vote, but it's Trump because I like my money "
- Farah Abraham

This actress said that she will be voting for "someone very business-focused.". Farah also cited Trump's entrepreneurial fervor as a definite plus in her book.
- Jesse Jackman

This gay porn star is also a Trump supporter. He made his position known in a blog post (penned for the Huffington Post). He wrote: "no matter what you think of him, one thing's for certain: Donald Trump is a polarizing figure who is not just divisive across liberal and conservative lines, but within the Republican Party itself. Which is exactly why on March 1. I'm voting for Donald Trump."
- Dick Chibbles

Dick is also Trump supporter. He also played "his role" in the porn parody Donald Tramp—The XXX Parody.
Talking about Donald Trump, Dick Chibbles said: "he's the voice of Americans. He doesn't candy coat shit like 99 percent of all these other candidates, which is what America needs..."

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